Washroom Leakage Seepage

bathroom-leakage                     bathroom-leakage-after

Wash Room Leakage & Seepage
(without any dismantling)
Normally commercial and residential flats bath have 3 or 4 points a normal bath. First we give vacuum pressure in all P-Trips then open the line cove and pass the super sealer with a constant ratio by vacuum pressure, same method apply on other point after that we repair all P-Trip by super sealer & mixing of cement and check tile grouting after treatment you will leave your washroom for drying approx 24 to 36 hours.

People seems that leakage and seepage problem is very ordinary, hence it is not an ordinary problem it effect on your building and also damage the appearance of your elevation, through leakage and seepage the water reach upto the iron level then it leaves concrete which perhaps the big accident. On the ground level or ground floor generally leakage and seepage does not seems but due to leakage of sewerage water it mix in the underground water tank that causes various diseases and also weak the foundation of the building. It best solution is to applying Home Care Chemical Treatment on all bathrooms main hole and bathroom lines through our experienced and professional team so your problem has solve and you salvation forever from leakage and seepage problem.

Check the waterproofing. The major reason for leaking bathrooms is poor waterproofing prior to tiling. This is especially the case for older homes where waterproofing products weren’t as good as they are nowadays. However, it can still be a problem for modern homes if the application was sloppy.

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